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Vidyangi is an innovation and growth hacker, a coach and works with individuals, startups, incubators, accelerators and consults with universities and corporate houses.
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A Silicon Valley Veteran's Playbook To Scale from Idea to Megabrand

STARTUP TO WIN - A Silicon Valley Veteran's Playbook To Scale from Idea to Megabrand
START TO WIN will enable you to survive and learn faster in the ever-changing startup landscape. Today's hit rate of startup success is 10%, so how can you fall in this bracket as a founder? START TO WIN's four-step time-tested strategy has survived the startup landscape which was back in the day, driven by product development only, and later evolved to continuous innovation and customer-driven product cycles, and today to startup ecosystems leveraging incubators, accelerators, venture studios, and corporate innovation scouting. Ace entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist BV Jagadeesh (BV) take you through the fascinating journey of evolution of his disruptive and massively successful-at-scale startups Exodus Communications and NetScaler, alongside the inception and growth of cloud companies. The book will provide you with valuable insights on how to create financially disciplined ventures in the product-led startup landscape.

The Solution Book
The tools provided in The Solution Book are a combination of tried and tested techniques for ideation and problem-solving journeys reversing expensive startup, innovation and venture failures.
a startup idea
Litmus test your startup idea
Minimize risk in rolling out your startup
Identify your target market and customer needs
Create your product roadmap
Identify product-market fit and customer pain points
My goal is to help you achieve your 10X goals.
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  • An Entrepreneur's First Mile: Addressing Needs of Cross-border Founders [Ttile now changed to STARTUP TO WIN]

    An Entrepreneur's First Mile has been developed as a series of handy booklets to help first-time founders to find answers to their dilemmas and unanswered questions, coming from the life experiences of BV Jagadeesh who has successfully floated and guided multiple startups over the past three decades in silicon valley, and across the globe, and part of several incubators, accelerators and innovation ecosystems across industry and academia.

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    When I asked BV Sir, "Who is BV Jagadeesh?", he said, "I am a dreamer, I am a realist, hardworking and here to make a difference". Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, calls this breed of charismatic people as "Shapers", people who can turn their dream or vision into a reality, but how?

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    A giant of politics and war, the inspirational leader through Britain's darkest hours Prime Minister Winston Churchill's strategic thinking and determination ushered us to the threshold of the New World. A resilient soldier and statesman who brought Hitler to his knees as he was pulling himself up at the end of his career at 65.

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