About Vidyangi Patil

Vidyangi is a writer and a motivational speaker who focuses on concepts in exponential thinking. She is a biomedical engineer by profession. An avid practitioner of Yoga, loves to sing, interested in martial arts, Bombay Jam, Salsa, Hip-hop she takes pride in being the member of Toastmasters Public Speaking and leadership community.


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“VERTICAL Living: The lifestyle of overachievers and GAME CHANGERS”
This wonderful book is a must-read for every aspiring entrepreneur and exponential thinker. It answers the most important question of Why? rather than What? and How?
DR. DEVI SHETTY, Chairman and Founder, Narayana Health, Padmabhushan, CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Public Service
What is the common thread between self realization and successful entrepreneurship? From ancient philosophy and scriptures to modern day messiahs – this book traverses through a spectacular width and depth of wisdom and distills it into simple guidebook that teaches us the art of living a higher, elevated life.
TIRTHANKAR DASH, COO, Quantum360 Design Solutions Lab and Founder, StoryCompany
Vidyangi always amazes me with her imaginative and artistic writings on a variety of topics that range from compassion, yoga, self-development and inner happiness. Her writings are filled with positivity and give insightful life inspiring mechanisms.
Reflecting on these writings, enhance personal positive powers in daily lives or help readers to think and apply kindness in various life situations in the most meaningful way
JAY BHATT, Liaison Librarian for Engineering – Drexel University, recipient of Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award
Vidyangi is a persuasive, inspiring and effective speaker. Her speech invokes leadership traits and motivates others in becoming leaders

DEEP KAKKAR,Technical Program Manager – GE Industrial Big Data Analytics Platform
Vidya, Your writing is timely. You will help many people contemplate how their thoughts affect their own lives as well as the lives of others and working together all of us can make the world a better place.
MICHAEL CHOJNACKI, President Aikiway Professional Development

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