These tutorials will be led by Vida Patil who is well-versed in creativity, growth mindset, leadership. She will guide participants through

  1. Fun and live problem solving sessions,
  2. Cost-impact assessment tools
  3. Pitching and storytelling sessions
  4. Customer Discovery and Interview sessions


Tutorial 1: How to generate new ideas? Develop out of the box thinking, creativity and growth mindset.

Tutorials 2-3: Identifying and defining your problem. Talking to customers and defining your problem

Tutorial 4: Nailing the solution and start defining your product. The process of picking what solution you are going to build and envisioning must haves and have nots

Tutorial 5: Converting your solution into a scalable product. Product-market fit, market cap and more

Tutorial 6: Creating a winning resume - prep session. How to convert your work experience into concise bullet points

Tutorial 7: Creating a winning resume - hands on session. Writing down your resume and making it look crisp

Tutorial 8: Thinking out of the box, so many ways to do it. Doing it by using structured and unstructured techniques

Tutorial 9: Facing an interview. What are a few simple techniques to ace your interview

Tutorial 10: Creating your pitch deck. How to pitch your business or venture idea

Each tutorial can be booked individually


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