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How MIT ’s mentorship helped craft a 14-year old’s life-saving invention for stampede problem in Kumbha Mela ’15

By | March 18th, 2018|

Meet Nilay Kulkarni, Nashik’s wonder kid: self-taught programmer and student entrepreneur at 17! “It was the first time a real-time technological solution that we built during Kumbhathon was used to measure crowd flow in Kumbh Mela. Ashioto counted 500 thousand people in 18 hours and impacted crowd routing decisions during the event.” — Nilay Kulkarni, student, Founder and CTO, Ashioto Analytics This blog showcases the story of 14-year old Nilay Kulkarni, our wonder kid from Nashik, India — his work with Kumbhathon and MIT Emerging Worlds team, also a brief account of how Nilay crafted his pilgrimage from being an innovator to a student-entrepreneur. His invention materialized into a startup he co-founded Ashioto Analytics, a crowd traffic and footfall analytics system which heightens the likelihood of a zero-casualty stampede management. MIT’s buildathon starts in 2014.. […]

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