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About Vidyangi Patil

Vidyangi is a writer and a motivational speaker who focuses on concepts in exponential thinking. She is a biomedical engineer by profession. An avid practitioner of Yoga, loves to sing, interested in martial arts, Bombay Jam, Salsa, Hip-hop she takes pride in being the member of Toastmasters Public Speaking and leadership community.

“If you believe that ordinary people can reach extraordinary heights would you like to learn how?”

A few years ago, when I was newly married, a career opportunity brought me away from my family in California to the east coast to Philadelphia. Amidst a barrage of options to reinvent myself, I began my quest for a Guru to help me in self-realization and maximizing personal power. It gave me all the time in the world to wonder what is the best way to realize oneself effectively to a balanced and happy life.

I relentlessly explored literature and workshops in philosophy and self-development and finally concluded, I don’t need a guru. I am the guru, and I believe it is true for every one of you as well, You are the guru of your life, and you don’t need one to hand hold you. In my book ‘The Vertical’ I can show you why. Guru is not just being a master of a certain discipline or being able to lead the way; it is more! It is elevating self-awareness, creativity, love, joy and personal power to perform better!.

I have always wondered about the following question: What is the best way to realize life? I am deeply influenced by the culture of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley where I currently reside. As a result, I would like to think about self-realization as a process which could use a strategy for maximum value and utilization of life.

If you can sell a product which you have built, by giving it a good presentation, saying the right things about it, building a good brand out of it and addressing the right marker segment, using the same approach you can realize the worth of your life. Think of your life as your product; it is what it is; and filled with experiences.

What can you do to bring physical, psychological, economic and spiritual growth in your life and best realize it in this world; give yourself and the world, the true worth of your life. My book is just a tool to help you see life with a different pair of eyes every time.

This way no experience is good or bad, but it is what it is and meaningful in its whole uncut, unedited experience.